UML DJs b2b Hip-Hop Soc DJs at Old Bar

As you may already know the UML have a weekly DJ residency at Old Bar, we spin tunes with friends and family from 9 'til 1am every Friday and have a dance and a drink. This week we're doing things a little bit differently though because we've got LUU Hip-Hop Soc joining us to share… Continue reading UML DJs b2b Hip-Hop Soc DJs at Old Bar


Radio Podcast – ‘UML Presents: Psychedelia (4/11/15)’

Tom, Tori and Tom (yes, 2 Tom's, we're still buzzing off it) teamed-up in the LSR studio to discuss and play an array of Psychedelic music, from folk to rock to trance. Big thanks to all our members who contributed ideas for the show on the Facebook group - we couldn't play them all but… Continue reading Radio Podcast – ‘UML Presents: Psychedelia (4/11/15)’

UML Presents: Strange Parade

Strange Parade is our biannual party, soundtracked by the talents and creative ideas of UML members, friends, and family. You're as likely to hear anything from an underground Ukrainian punk tune to your favourite Destiny's Child garage edit (and everything in between). The original concept was to provide a platform for members to DJ in… Continue reading UML Presents: Strange Parade