~ Hello from your new UML committee ~


We hope you’re having an ace summer, here’s an update of some of the things to look forward to in the coming year:

Our first event of the year will be an open decks at Function. It’s BYOB (bring your own banger) on USB or vinyl. All genres and abilities are welcome- it doesn’t matter if you’ve never DJed before we will show you how. Or you can just come along to have a dance and hopefully make lots of new pals in the process!
For more info check out the Facebook event: UML Presents: Open Decks

If you aren’t aware we’ve finally got a new space upstairs in the Union! It’s is bigger, more accessible and is near gender neutral toilets. It should hopefully be ready to move in to by freshers, and will give us chance to alphabetise the vinyl (as promised!).

We are also starting to organise our annual Strange Parade event at Wharf Chambers which will take place on the 30th November, and are looking for people to perform. This can be anything from a live set to DJing or something abit more unorthodox. Drop us an email (leedsuml@gmail.com) or message our Facebook page for more info.

See you all in September!


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