Committee Picks + End of Term Party

Hi again - a one week turnaround, can you believe it! We promise this unparalleled productivity will continue into the new year, only the best for our dear readers (no matter how many of you there actually are, three I'm guessing...hi Mum!)Since we last spoke we had our Wharf gig with STAR. It was another… Continue reading Committee Picks + End of Term Party


End Of Term

Hiya... it's been a while. I know we said this newsletter thing was gonna be a regular occurrence and, well, it hasn't really panned out that way - we're sorry about that! Extra workload, deadlines, stress, cold weather: the usual suspect got to us unfortunately. The good news is, apart from stocking our shelves with… Continue reading End Of Term

New Purchases + Upcoming Events #YesComeOn

Our latest order finally arrived! Apologies for the delay in this, but all new purchases will be available for loan from tomorrow. Check out our haul here: DJ Lag - DJ Lag EP; Autechre - Amber [vinyl]; Swet Shop Boys - Cashmere [vinyl]; Nicolas Jaar - Sirens; Omar Souleyman - Bahdeni Nami;  Xiu Xiu - Plays the Music of Twin Peaks [vinyl]; TSVI - Sacred… Continue reading New Purchases + Upcoming Events #YesComeOn

ONE WEEK Elysia Crampton + Joanne @ Fuse Art Space

  Next week, UML are really excited to be bringing Elysia Crampton to Fuse Art Space in Bradford for her only show in the North of England. Read all about it below: ELYSIA CRAMPTON performing 'Dissolution of The Sovereign: A Time Slide Into The Future' Elysia Crampton is a Bolivian-American musician and producer based in California.… Continue reading ONE WEEK Elysia Crampton + Joanne @ Fuse Art Space

Support acts announced for Carla Bozulich

We're very excited to announce the supports acts for our Carla Bozulich show!. First up we've got CABLES, "a collaboration between Joanne (UK codes and nodes) and Marlo Eggplant (US string drones and moans). Live laptop processes live instruments. A Ladyz in Noyz sister love story." They'll be joined by Errant Grey, "who has neither… Continue reading Support acts announced for Carla Bozulich