Get Involved

Come to our events to meet other UMLers, and join our Facebook group for some music-related discussion – it’s also a great place to post if you’re going to a gig or night and want to meet other people heading to the same thing! You can find out about becoming a member and volunteering for the society below.


Becoming a member of the society enables you to borrow music from the library and gain a discount for some of the events we put on, such as Strange Parade. It also supports us in acquiring new music for the library and in holding our own events. Members are able to borrow one release at a time, for up to one week each time.  Joining for the 2015/2016 academic year costs £6 (this will be reduced to £4 for a Semester 2 Only membership). A £10 deposit is required with the membership fee to ensure that loans are returned in good condition, and this is refundable at the end of the year.

To join, follow this link, register/log-in to the LUU website as a student or guest, then click “Buy membership”.

You don’t have to be a student or in any way related to LUU/UoL to become a member of our society!


If you’d like to support us even more, we’re always looking for volunteers. We’re ran by volunteers, and it’s up to them to keep the music library running on a day-to-day basis. We ask volunteers to put in an hour’s shift at the library each week in term-time, cataloguing outgoing and returning loans, and maintaining the library as a welcoming space. All volunteers must be members of the society. Volunteers are able to borrow 3 releases from the library at a time, rather than 1, which applies to the standard membership. Volunteering is a a great way to meet other members of the society, plus, it’s a nice breather from the usual campus bustle. The timetable for volunteering changes each semester, and if you’re interested or want any further info regarding the UML, get in touch!