UML AGM + Results!

Time moves quick and yesterday we held our AGM. We'll be putting the minutes up soon, so keep your eyes out if you weren't able to make it down. If you're interested in checking out what we've been up to this academic year, then take a look at the annual report we gave. In brief,… Continue reading UML AGM + Results!


ONE WEEK Elysia Crampton + Joanne @ Fuse Art Space

  Next week, UML are really excited to be bringing Elysia Crampton to Fuse Art Space in Bradford for her only show in the North of England. Read all about it below: ELYSIA CRAMPTON performing 'Dissolution of The Sovereign: A Time Slide Into The Future' Elysia Crampton is a Bolivian-American musician and producer based in California.… Continue reading ONE WEEK Elysia Crampton + Joanne @ Fuse Art Space