Joining the UML society gives you access to our music library’s catalogue of around 6000 records on CD, vinyl and cassette. These are all available for members to borrow from the library for up to a week during term-time. With the society dating back to at least 1962, we’ve amassed a fair few records for the collection! These days, the committee curates the library’s purchases, often based on what our members are interested in; you’ll occasionally see a poll spring up in the Facebook group about which new releases we should get in, and we also handpick a few releases ourselves. We tend to buy from local record retailers, and also at gigs, record fairs and the like.

There’s a suggestions box in the library through which members are encouraged to submit requests for purchases (as well as just general advice or queries!). Plus, we have some magazines, zines and other printย available to browse – these aren’t for loaning so you’ll have to drop by in person to have a read!

You can follow the new purchases weย make here.

Full Catalogue

This Google Spreadsheet catalogues all of the records we have available to borrow – you can use the search function to find an artist by pressing Ctrl+F